Use Back Bubble™ for Disc Problems, Sciatica, Muscular Pain, Arthritis and Other Chronic Back Conditions









 Back Bubble uses air cushioned spinal decompression to relieve back pain and pressure*

When the precision steel traction spring opens, so does the spine. The targeted support of the air cushion allows gravity to gently pull your lower body weight downward, relaxing the muscles and safely decompressing the spine.

It helps blood and oxygen to flow freely targeting inflammation and nerve compression. In just seconds you could feel relief.  


- Get the exact stretch you need to feel relief


- Suspend for a feeling of floating in air-cushioned weightlessness


- Feel zero pressure on your spine


- Stretch and strengthen in all the natural directions that your spine needs to move


- Relieve your back pain


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  • - Judy

    "The results of using the Back Bubble™ were instantaneous"

  • - Sean

    "For the first time in 10 years I didn’t have any pain running down my leg."

  • - Deborah

    "The Back Bubble™ stopped my pain immediately!"

  • Derek

    "It allowed me to do the things I was not able to do for 8 years"


  • - Dr. Rubinow

    "I won't put my reputation as a medical doctor behind anything I don't believe in, but the Back Bubble I fully endorse. No tricks or gimmicks, just sound anatomical science. The results speak for themselves."

  • - Dr. Bell

    "I've been recommending the Back Bubble for about 20 years. I personally use the Back Bubble almost every day."

  • - Dr. Hoffman

    "Use the Back Bubble to open and decompress the spine and relax your back muscles. Now when you lay down, all those pathways are open. You sleep better, and I can tell you, you wake up refreshed and starting the day with no pain."



    The Back Bubble™ is the only multipositional stretching device


    The only device that allows the user to stretch in all directions that the spine naturally moves


    No need for expensive inversion devices - now you can get the relief at a fraction of the cost to use at home!


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    The upright position simulates leaning on a counter or cane to relieve pressure off the lower back. This position replicates this natural movement so you can begin to feel relief right away.


    Created to target a precise area of the back that needs stretching. The inverted position allows you to position the Back Bubble™ around your waist and you simply twist your hips. You can adjust the stretch by raising the Back Bubble™ higher off the floor for added decompression.


    In the Extended Position, with the Back Bubble™ around your back in position, simply use your legs to stabilize yourself while you lift your waist off the floor. You can choose to extend your back to the degree that offers the greatest stretch and relief.


    In this position, simply place The Back Bubble™ over your head while slipping your body through the device. Use your hands, forearms and knees to stabilize and gently move yourself forward to feel the stretch. Adjust to where you feel gentle relief.



Each Back Bubble comes complete with everything you need to easily set it up right in the privacy of your home.  And it comfortably adjusts for height and weight - so almost anyone can use it. 

Order today and receive the BONUS EZ Hanger and Instructional Program

Your Questions Answered

  • What is a Risk Free Trial?

    The Risk Free Trial is a great option for people who want to try the Back Bubble™ in the comfort of their own home, before they pay the full purchase price. Call now to find out more.   

  • Will The Back Bubble fix my back problems? ie. Will it eliminate the pain completely?

    Yes, The Back Bubble can fix your lower back problems.  It can make your back more youthful, flexible and pain free. You will own a medical device that will deliver the pain relief you are looking for immediately and eliminate the pain whenever you need it.

  • How does the Back Bubble™ work?

    When you stand or sit, your upper body weight compresses your spine putting pressure on injuries and delicate nerves. This pressure can cause severe pain in the lower back and/ or legs.

    When you hang on the Back Bubble™, your lower body weight immediately decompresses your spine, taking the pressure off and relieving the pain. With your lower now back relaxed and decompressed, an increased flow of fluids pushes out the inflammation and brings in healing oxygen providing immediate pain relief.

  • What is included in the Back Bubble package?

    The Back Bubble™ comes out of the package fully assembled so setting it up takes just a few minutes. Your package comes with:

    • Your Back Bubble™ inflatable cushion
    • Durable Steel EZ hanger
    • The precision steel traction spring
    • A safety tether
    • An instructional DVD (downloadable and streaming)
    • A quick start instructional guide with step-by-step photos
    • You're also covered by a 1-year warranty
  • What can I use Back Bubble™ for?

    • Disc Problems
    • Sciatica
    • Muscular Pain
    • Arthritis
    • Other chronic back conditions
  • What authority says the Back Bubble™ works?

    The Back Bubble™ has been helping back pain sufferers for over 30 years, and with proven results. The Back Bubble is registered as a Class 1 Medical Device with the FDA since 1992, and with the Australian Department of Health TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration). The Back Bubble™ has also earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

  • How do you assemble the Back Bubble™?

    The Back Bubble™ comes out of the package fully assembled. Just inflate by blowing into the valve tip then adjust the air for your own comfort needs. The EZ Hanger sets up in just a few minutes by following the simple step by step instructions.

  • How often and when should I use the Back Bubble™?

    The Back Bubble™ can be used as often as you like, but gradually build the length of time you are in the Back Bubble™ and the number of times per day you use it. Start with a time frame of about 2 to 3 minutes and 2 or 3 times daily.

    The best time to use the Back Bubble™ is right before you lie down for the night. This allows for more fluids flowing through you back- your body’s healing mechanism. However, you can use the Back Bubble™: Morning, Noon, or Night.

  • What kind of instructions come with the Back Bubble™?

    The instructional video and 4 colour instruction guide provide easy to follow instructions to maximise your positive results with the Back Bubble™.

  • What makes the Back Bubble™ unique to other decompression devices and inversion tables?

    The Back Bubble™ has been successfully relieving back pain in hundreds of thousands of people for over 30 years. There's nothing else like it! The Back Bubble™:

    • Can relieve pain quickly
    • Can pinpoint the stretch exactly where you position it!
    • Can stretch you in all the directions your spine moves!
    • Aligns your lower back naturally!
    • Is multi-positional: You can use it Upright, Inverted, or any which way that pinpoints your pain.
    • Deflates to 5 pound package for easy portability.
    • Allows you to quickly increase or decrease the stretch.
  • What’s the difference between Inversion Tables and The Back Bubble?

    Comfort is number 1.  We don’t suspend you upside down by your ankles like the inversion tables.  The Back Bubble suspends you from an air filled cushion and specially calibrated traction spring. That delivers a floating, weightless feeling. 

    The Back Bubble is also more versatile and delivers Upright or Inverted Traction. 

    The Back Bubble is lightweight, portable and takes up much less room. 

    And The Back Bubble will allow you to stretch in all directions that your spine naturally moves.

  • What is the weight of the Back Bubble?

    The weight for both the standard and deluxe model is:

    • Weight: 8.8 lbs/ 4kgs
    • Dimensions: 7 x 3 x 24.25 inches
  • Are there any contra indications to using the Back Bubble?

    Yes. Recent spinal surgery (within 3 months), Recent spinal fractures, Super Obese People, People with severe balance problems, People with mental disabilities, and the elderly.  Anyone with questions about their ability to use The Back Bubble should consult their physician before ordering.

  • What size doorway does the chin bar go in?

    Any average size doorway from 58cm to 90cm.  The bar is adjustable. 

  • I don’t want to hang in the doorway. Is there any other way to hang The Back Bubble?

    You can also hang The Back Bubble from a heavy duty hook in a beam, or a strong rope or chain over the joists in the garage.  In the Instruction Guide we describe these options.

  • Can you still open and close the door with the brackets installed?

    Yes, the bar is removable and the door still opens and closes.

  • How difficult is it to use The Back Bubble?

    It’s easy to use.  The Back Bubble comes out of the Package fully assembled.  All you do is install the chin bar brackets, inflate the Back Bubble and you are ready to go.  We have easy to follow instructions and even an expert on duty to answer any questions you may have.


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*The Back Bubble™ helps to provide temporary relief from lower back pain. Long term relief from ongoing use of the Back Bubble™ varies by individual condition

**In a pilot study of 20 people with various types of back pain, some people experience up to 99% of back pain relief. Indiviudal results may vary.

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